Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday again Already??!!

Wow! A week has gone SUPER quick! I cant believe it is Wednesday again already! Well i have plenty on my wishlist so here it is for this week.....

I have been looking for cute little vintage clothes for my kids for their they are my inspiration this week, some of the coats I have come across:

Vintage Double breasted Toddler Suit from vintageJones

7o's Houndstooth Jacket from nannasattic

Vintage Salmon Pink Little Girls Coat from loisandtheladybug

London Jacket Made From Re Purposed Vintage Fabric from Clementinyclothing

And these are a few of my favourite things!
Alissa xoxo


  1. Too bad I don't have a wee one to shop for. Really cute clothes. You are very talented. xo Joan

  2. Love it, those are some very cool finds!

  3. Such cute little jackets, reminds me I need to get something smart for the kids for a wedding we will be going to soon

  4. The salmon coat is gorgeous - very London-esque :)

  5. Oh that red coat is gorgeous and so is the 'london jacket'!
    Cute choices for a cute wishlist!:)